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Rev.DaveFischer Rev.DaveFischer Like you, I had a lot of conversations during our recent Homecoming weekend. But the one I remember was at a table in the 4th Street Bakery.

It was there that I heard the tale of a little girl who walked across Lexington, down Highway 77, going home in the dark of night.

As she spoke, I imagined the many neighbors who oversaw her trip. They knew who she was, heck, they probably knew where she was coming from. Certainly, they were aware who she belonged to and that she was headed home.

Recent newspaper articles warn against trying that now. They alert us that today those who were watching would not know anything about her, except that she was a potential vicitm for them to exploit.

And I am sad. What happened to our country, that even our beloved Lexington is no longer safe from predators?

Where did we lose our way? Why do we continue to allow the bad guys to set the agenda for everything, even the walks of our children?

Thank God for all the faithful servants who keep watch over our young ones, and, as often as they can, capture the evil doers. It helps.

But my friend will tell you it is not as comforting as the “good old days” when little girls belonged to the community and everyone was equally invested in their safety.

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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