2012-05-24 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Isn’t June a little late for basketball games? The NBA is still trying to find a champion in the middle of baseball season. The NBA needs to end their season and post season by the end of April. If the NBA referees would call more of the pushing and unnecessary roughness, the high priced stars could finish the season instead of being injured.

Sometimes everything doesn’t turn out to be as good as it originally seems. It’s a young coach’s dream to get his first head coaching job, but if he finds out all the retained coaches don’t think they have to do as he plans, it turns into a real pain and makes you want to say, “Take this job and shove it.”

The Texas softball team has made it to the Super Regionals. If they had not rebounded and made the next step, rumor said the coach would ‘retire’.

Lexington’s passing offense seems set for next season with Kogan Garrett at the reigns. He has speedy receivers like Jason Washington, Logan Meuth, Corey Strain, and Zach Lay. Washington and Lay have a lot of high caliber experience to go with Garrett’s arm.

The Texas Rangers are off to a good start. The Astros are doing a lot better than most ‘experts’ predicted. It is a long season and both teams have a long way to go.

Carter Hibbeler became the first Lexington player to hit a home run at the Lexington Little League field. Coincidentally, Carter was on the mound when the first homer was hit at the field by Giddings’ Isaiah Matthews.

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