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To Catch A Thief

On Monday, May 21, Lee County Sheriff ’s Deputies recovered a stolen chainsaw at a local area pawn shop that was reported stolen by the owner. Deputies questioned an individual who pawned the item and were able to obtain enough information to name Lee County resident Jason Schulze as the suspect. Deputies located Schulze who later confessed to the theft.

At that time, the Lee County Sheriff ’s Office was also investigating a theft of water troughs from Carmine Feed & Fertilizer in Giddings. In that incident, Captain Gonzales had been dispatched the week before, on Tuesday, May 15, to Carmine Feed. A complainant at the store reported some items that were missing, including the water troughs. Their investigation led to Schulze, who was interviewed by the officers and eventually confessed to that theft as well.

Investigating the incidents were Sheriff Rodney Meyer,Chief Deputy Nathan Lapham, Captain Adam Gonzales and Deputy Lee Liles.

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