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Primary Election Results for Lee County

Tuesday’s Primary Election saw 1945 votes cast throughout Lee County, which is considered a nice turnout considering the number of uncontested races on both the Republican and Democratic tickets.

Only two local races were contested, one on the Republican ticket and one on the Democratic ticket. Vernon Surman received almost 58% of the vote for Constable, Precinct 2, beating Charlie Mayer, who received 42% of the vote on the Republican ticket.  Steve Lyles got over 58% of the vote for Constable, Precinct 3, beating his three contenders, Jeff McEntire (7.64%), Edward Malkey (11.46%) and Jody Tillery (22.22%).

The County voted overwhelmingly for several referendums on the Republican ballot, including School Choice, Repealing Obamacare, Public Prayer, Balanced Budget and Controlling Governmental Growth, as well as for Redistricting.

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