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by Mike Organ

The Big O Mike Organ The Big O Mike Organ Not a soul from 27-AA won a gold medal at the 2A State Track Meet. Does that mean the district was not as strong as usual in Track and Field? Maybe. Cameron won the girls championship last year, but could not get a gold this year.

This is the first time in many years Lexington has not had a competitor in the state meet.

I watched the entire meet on the internet. It wasn’t like being there in person, but I did not get rained on Friday night nor sun burned Saturday. I also got home in a click instead of battling traffic and getting home an hour later. The food and drinks were cheaper also.

The girls got good representation on the alldistrict team in softball. #1 ranked Danbury beat Rogers in two games to eliminate the last 27-AA team.

OU put some crooked numbers in Baylor’s loss column. The Bears have been having a story book year in athletics. They are getting doused with champagne in most sports while being on a beer budget. I don’t know why the big time schools aren’t looking to rob the Bears’ athletic administration.

Did Bill Byrne get a raw deal at A&M? He led them through the departure of the Big XII into the SEC. He steps on a couple of big toes, however, and he is gone. I thought he was hired to make the tough choices as one part of his job.

I got a real surprise from Kirk Bohls’ article Monday. He ranked Mack Brown with the 8th best coaching job in the Big XII for the last two seasons. He also ranked him behind OU’s Bob Stoops in career coaching.

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