2012-05-17 / School

Superintendent’s Corner

Superintendent of Schools Lexington Independent School District
Frances M. McArthur, Ph.D.

The school year is really winding down now, but our staff is working hard to continue to keep our students engaged and focused on instruction. At the high school level we are continuing with another round of testing Tuesday through Thursday of this week.

This coming Saturday, May 19th is Armed Forces Day. Armed Forces Day replaced separate Army, Navy, and Air Force Days in 1950, in an effort to unite all of our military under the newly formed Department of Defense. For me personally, and for all of us in education, it is another opportunity for us to recognize the wonderful men and women in our community who are fighting or have fought for our freedom. Last May, we recognized two of our seniors who joined the military. This year we have another senior who has signed on to serve our country. Lexington is such a patriotic community, where many of our men and women have fought for our country and where our veterans are so willing to speak to our students about their experience. I believe that is reflected in our students’ desire to volunteer into our armed forces. I am so thankful for the freedom we have in this country. Certainly the freedoms we have were bought at a great price by so many of our men and women in uniform. I want to thank those who have fought and those who are currently serving to protect our great country and ensure the continuation of our freedom.

I also want to thank our many parent volunteers who continually impress me with all they do for our schools. Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to sample the great spread that our Lexington Elementary PTO put on in honor of our teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. The food was wonderful and they even covered a teacher’s class who won some extra time at lunch! Wow, what a well-deserved treat for that teacher! I also got to see amazing parent support at the secondary level Saturday night. I cannot adequately describe the transformation of the Park Building by our dedicated high school parent volunteers. I truly felt like I was in Paris as I walked into the lovely building turned into an elegant ballroom for our Junior – Senior Prom. The amount of work that those volunteers put in to that effort was phenomenal. Thank you parents for supporting your children and our schools and helping us make Lexington Schools the place where students want to be!

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