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Parade Marshals Something Special

The Lexington Volunteer Fire Department and the Lexington Emergency Medical Services both served as this year’s Parade Marshals at Homecoming. These two groups are supported primarily by many selfless individuals who give their time and talents to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the community.

The Lexington VFD, ever ready and ever willing, 24/7, consists of over 30 volunteers and a fleet of six trucks. They stand ready to protect life and property every day.

Their 3,000 gallon tank pumper has the capability to work structure fires and to supply water for brush trucks at wildfires. The rescue truck contains the tools for auto accident rescues, water rescues, and for fighting structures.The brush trucks are the work horses of the department. They go where the fire is and they are the means used to extinguish fires.

The Lexington EMS was organized in the early 1980’s. It started with three members: Reuel Cooper, Jamie Wright, and Carolyn Wright. Reuel Cooper got the first class going in Rockdale. At that time, there were approximately 20 members serving the Lexington EMS. It began with these volunteers and a single Chevrolet Suburban, which was purchased by three local citizens of Lexington.

Currently, the Lexington EMS has two fully outfitted ambulances, two part-time employees and approximately ten volunteers working to protect the health and well being of our citizenry.

Both organizations are incredibly important to all of us, and deserve our unyielding thanks and appreciation for all of their work on our behalf. The organizations and their people are truly “something special.”

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