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Just a Thought.......


You can brag about the beer and the barbecue. You may wax eloquent about the booths and the band. And the tunes from the Gospel Sing may still be running through your mind, but I suspect that the thing you hold most dear about homecoming are the people.

After all, without them, the rest of it is just, well, just not enough. We come “home”, but that is our destination because “they” will be here. And, without them, things are not the same.

In fact, just this morning, at breakfast, I heard that very lament. “Lots of the folks who started homecoming, who made it what it was are no longer here.”

Hold that emotion for a moment. Feel it in terms of the Ultimate Homecoming, that which we Christians call Heaven. When you get to heaven, and don’t we all assume we will, won’t you want to see all of your family and friends there? Why, then, do we continue to act as if believing is optional? When so much is at stake, why do we allow them to live as functional atheists?

Have we no word of encouragement for those we want to see both here and there?

Yes, I know these are heavy words, but if they are true, must they not be spoken?

It’s just a thought, but one worth having in the afterglow of homecoming.

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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