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Lexington Police Report

by Captain Clarence Yarbourgh

April 30, 2012

Cpt. Yarbrough met with a complainant at the Lexington Police Department and took a Forgery of Financial Instrument report. An Investigation is being conducted and the suspects have been identified.

A Criminal Trespass Warning was issued to a subject in the area of 9th and Caldwell St by Officer Nurse. The subject was banned from one of the local stores and an investigation is underway due to the nature of the complaint.

May 3, 2012

Cpt. Yarbrough responded in the area of 3rd and SHWY 77 N on found property. Upon arrival, contact was made with the complainant and a baggie containing a white powder-like substance was recovered and field tested. The substance tested positive for cocaine. An investigation has begun in an attempt to locate the person responsible for the illegal narcotics.

May 4, 2012

Officer Nurse and Officer Sudduth responded to the 9000 Blk of SHWY 77 on a Theft of Service report. Contact was made with all parties and after tempers were calmed, both parties departed on agreed terms.

Cpl. Wooldridge responded to an animal complaint in the area of 9th and Caldwell St. Cpl. Wooldridge assessed the situation and cleared the location without any problems.

Cpt. Yarbrough, Officer Nurse and Officer Jirasek responded to a disturbance on Main St. during the Lexington Homecoming. The subjects were separated and asked to leave the festivities due to their conduct. Both subjects complied and departed without further incident.

Officer Nurse responded to the 600 Blk of Rockdale St to meet with a subject who was complaining about being stalked. Upon arrival, contact was made with the complainant who refused to cooperate with Officer Nurse. Therefore, the assistance which could be provided for the citizen was not provided due to their lack of cooperation with the Lexington Police Department.

May 5, 2012

Officer Nurse recovered lost property during the Homecoming Festival and the property was later returned to the rightful owner.

Cpt. Yarbrough received some lost property during the Lexington Homecoming and the property was later returned to the rightful owner.

Officer Sudduth took a stolen vehicle report during the Lexington Homecoming. After gathering all the necessary information, a canvass of the area was conducted. The Lexington Police Department was assisted in their search by Chris Billings, who discovered the vehicle in an area different from where the complainant advised. The vehicle was returned to the owner and officers resumed normal duties.

During the Homecoming Festival, Officer Sudduth was informed there was a missing child. All Lexington Police and Lee County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded, and the child was located very quickly.

Cpt. Yarbrough, Cpl. Wooldridge, Officer Nurse, and Officer Jirasek responded to a fight on Main St. during the Lexington Homecoming. The fight was broken up and subjects were issued Disorderly Conduct Citations and instructed to leave. Both subjects complied and officers resumed duties as normal.

Officer Bishop responded to a complaint of Assault by contact on Main St. A report was taken and an investigation is being conducted.

May 6, 2012

Cpl. Wooldridge responded to the 100 Blk of Gary St. on a Disturbance call. Upon arrival, contact was made with the victim who was identified as Johnathan Iselt who had sustained obvious injuries. The suspect was identified as Ericka Iselt who was later arrested for Assault FV M-A and transported to the Lee County Jail for Book-in.

Special Thanks

** **

On behalf of the Lexington Police Department and this being our first time experiencing the Lexington Homecoming Festivities, we would like to thank everyone who came out to the Lexington Homecoming Festivities and shared in the celebration. We like to thank Sheriff Rodney Meyer for assisting us with additional manpower to ensure the safety of the citizens of Lexington was met. We also would like to thank the Lexington Chamber of Commerce and staff for their efforts in putting together this event. For those who were involved in the planning, we understand the sacrifices that were made for this year’s 2012 Lexington Homecoming to be a success.

We would also like to thank all the participants in the BBQ Cook Off. You were all winners in the Lexington Police Department’s Books. Finally, to all other organizations which assisted in making this Homecoming a success - Thank you!

Your Lexington Police


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