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May 7, 2012
By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

Last Friday District II held a district meeting in Gonzales, Texas. Items discussed were deer breeder inspection and depredation permit process. Additional information is forthcoming in regards to depredation permits regarding buzzards (black-headed).

As of today, May 7th, Lake Somerville is at 238.07 elevation and releasing 94 cfs. I’m not sure what it will be on Memorial Day, but for right now, boats are still able to launch at Nails Creek State Park due to recent dredging. However, once boaters leave Nails Creek boat ramp, put the boat on plane until you’re past the abandoned boat ramp located on the Birch Creek State Park side of the lake.

Yellow cats are being caught right now around the spillway. Last Friday, Burleson County Warden Sophia Hiatt reported checking several fishermen downstream from the discharge with a mixture of yellow cat, white bass and gaspergoo. On the lake side, channel cat, white bass, gaspergoo and black bass continue being caught, but not in the numbers as weeks past. Surrounding creeks are still accessible...barely.

Finally, over the last few weeks, I’ve observed more people driving through stop signs. These road signs are for everyone’s protection. Even though this is something I don’t normally address, as of late, these occurrences have become more flagrant and dangerous. Please exercise caution as we approach the end of school and summer vacation. The same can be said about ATV’s and other sport utility vehicles. Only under certain conditions may these vehicles be operated. For more information, search Texas Transportation Code, Title 7, Subtitle G.

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