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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

April 23, 2012

Deputy Crockett was unable to locate some trash that was reportedly dumped out on CR 405.

Chief Deputy Lapham was unable to locate some cows out on CR 430.

Chief Deputy Lapham completed a civil standby on CR 232.

Dispatch received an alarm call on CR 318. Sheriff Meyer, responded to the call. Everything was ok. The new owners were moving in and the alarm company was notified.

Chief Deputy Lapham took some information for a neighbor dispute on CR 309.

A caller reported a domestic disturbance on CR 326. Deputy Ray responded and discovered there was no physical altercation.

April 24, 2012

A caller reported that she had some animals in her back yard on Hope St. Deputy Crockett responded.

An altercation on a school bus happened on CR 232. Deputy Ayers responded to the call. The subjects involved advised that it was just a misunderstanding and all was ok.

Deputy Rudolph was unable to locate some loose cattle on FM 2239 near FM 448.

A caller requested a welfare check on his girlfriend on FM 2440. Deputy Allen and Deputy Ledenbach went to check on the subject and found her ok.

April 25, 2012

Deputy Liles removed some cows from the road on Fm 141 just south of Hwy 21.

Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Skinner assisted Lexington PD with a one car accident on Rockdale St.

A caller reported that there was a dog on the side of the road and that she tied it to the fence line and left, but wanted a deputy to check on it. Deputy Rudolph found the dog to be ok and returned it to the owner on CR 415.

April 26, 2012

A caller requested a deputy come out and look at the damage to their vehicle after a rock flew through the window, causing it to shatter. Deputy Liles responded and advised the caller to contact their insurance company.

A caller reported that her house on Kay St. was broken into. Deputy York took a report for burglary of habitation.

Deputy Ray and Deputy York responded to the bowling alley on Hwy 290 in reference to a suspicious person. Deputy Ray gave the subject a courtesy ride to Westwood Villa.

Dispatch received a call for a welfare check on a subject on CR 445, who had hit his medical alert button. Deputy Ray and Deputy York checked on the person, who advised it was just an accident.

A caller reported that some people were fixing to start fighting on CR 125, Deputy Ray and Deputy Skinner responded but found no one there upon arrival.

A caller reported that she needed help killing a snake in her house. Deputy Skinner was responding when the caller advised that she killed the snake.

Deputy Carvin responded to a terroristic threat on CR 430. a criminal trespass warning was issued.

The Department received several calls about a suspicious vehicle on CR 105. Deputy Ray checked on the vehicle.

April 27, 2012

A caller reported that her babysitter told her that an unknown man walked into the apartment. Deputy Skinner, Deputy Ray and Deputy Carvin all responded. The subject was located and taken into custody.

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Ray assisted the Giddings Police Department with a fight at Bernie’s.

Dispatch received a call about an abandoned vehicle on CR 229. Chief Deputy Lapham checked on the vehicle. All was ok. The vehicle ran out of gas and efforts were being made to contact the owner.

A motorist reported a car stalled in a lane of traffic on Hwy 21 just east of Hwy 77. Deputy Crockett assisted with traffic control, while the owner managed to move the vehicle off the roadway.

A verbal disturbance on East Austin Street was handled by Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy Ayers. The dispute was about the property, and each person was told to contact their lawyers.

ADT called to report a burglar alarm on FM 112. Deputy Crockett was responding when the call was cancelled by ADT.

Deputy Ayers, Deputy Crockett, and Deputy Ray all responded to a disturbance on FM 141. They were unable to locate one of the subjects upon arrival.

Deputy Ray took an information report on harassment at the Westwood Villa Apartments.

April 28, 2012

A caller stated that somebody was knocking on her window on Hwy 77. Deputy Rudolph checked the area, but was unable to locate anyone near the residence.

Information was taken on a suspicious vehicle on CR 201. The caller stated that a black Ford F250 was parked at his grandparent’s place, and when he stopped, a person got in the truck and took off toward Bastrop County.

A caller stated that her friend called her and told her that she was almost attacked by a 20 ft. long Anaconda, and that it slithered off into some bushes. Deputy Ayers went to the property on CR 118, and talked with the owner. She told Deputy Ayers that it was just a grass snake and was not sure why her friend said it was an Anaconda.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Rudolph ran some cattle back into a fence on CR 119.

A caller advised that her neighbor’s music was really loud and had been playing loud since the night before. Deputy Rudolph talked to the subjects, who advised they would turn down the music.

Dispatch received a call about a stabbing on CR 430, Deputy Allen, Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy Rudolph all responded. One subject was taken into custody.

A caller stated that there was a man laying next to his car on the road near the Walch Store on Hwy 21. Deputy Ray, Deputy Allen, and Deputy Ledenbach all responded, but were unable to locate.

Deputy Rudolph located the source of some loud music near the Town and Country mobile home park, after dispatch received several calls.

All units were notified of a reckless driver on Hwy 21 headed east. Deputy Ray was able to locate and stop the vehicle.

Deputy Allen, Deputy Ledenbach, and Deputy Rudolph assisted the Giddings Police Department with a fight at the Brownwood Apts.

April 29, 2012

Deputy Rudolph was unable to locate a reckless driver on Hwy 77 just south of Lexington.

Dispatch received a call about a vehicle in the ditch on FM 696 near FM 619. Deputy Allen and Deputy Ledenbach responded.

Deputy Crockett removed twenty goats off the roadway on FM 141 near CR 122.

Deputy Crockett responded to a call about gun fire on CR 133. Upon arrival, he located some people shooting at targets and getting ready to finish up.

Dispatch received a call about a vehicle broke down on Hwy 290. Deputy Ayers gave the subject a ride into town.

Deputy Ayers and Deputy Ray checked on some suspicious activity on FM 696.

Dispatch received several 911 hang up calls around CR 430. Deputy Rudolph went to check on the individuals. Everything was ok.

B&M Ambulance service requested a deputy come out on CR 105 with them on a tractor accident. Deputy Allen, Deputy Ledenbach, Deputy Ray and Deputy Rudolph all responded.

Jail Count: 04/29/2012: 53 Male: 47 Female: 6

This coming weekend, Lexington will be celebrating their Annual Lexington Homecoming. May everyone have a safe and enjoyable time visiting with old friends.


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