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Lee County GOP Met in Giddings

Delegates to the GOP convention met at the Community Room of First National Bank on Saturday, April 21, 2012. The children of Stephen and Kimberly Frick began the meeting by citing the pledges to the United States and Texas flags. Bruce Reat served as acting and permanent Sergeant at Arms for the meeting. Greg Davidson served as Secretary and Parliamentarian for the meeting. Jennifer Barr and Stephen Frick, members of the Resolutions Committee, submitted a report on eight resolutions. The delegates passed six of the eight resolutions. The six passed resolutions to be submitted the Republican Party of Texas were:

A. Resolved that the EPA be dissolved and its authority given to the states and
local counties.
B. Food stamps should only pay for staple food items.
C. Submit legislations that will restore the rights of parents to direct the
upbringing of their children.
D. Call elected representatives to pass legislations that will balance the budget
at all levels of government.
E. Reject statewide juvenile “daytime” curfew.
F. Allow the sale of Raw Milk to consumers.
The failed resolutions were:
A. Term limits.
B. Allow private and homeschool students to participate in UIL competitions.

The selected delegates for the state convention in Fort Worth are: Vance Bradford, Donna Davidson, Phillip Eberz, Nole Oppermann, Richard Scheel, and Linda Scholl. The alternates are Greg Davidson and Stephen Frick. Nole Oppermann, the party’s youngest delegate to the state convention, is a 2011 graduate of Lexington High School, and our party is certainly proud to receive his input to the various resolutions that were discussed at the convention.

An interesting note about the convention is that Lee County is divided between two congressional districts. The northeastern part of Lee County (approximately ¼ of the county) is in the 17th Congressional District, but the majority of the county stays within the 10th Congressional District. The redistricting of the congressional districts and other governmental boundaries has been an ongoing debate since the fall of 2011. For Texans, the long court debate has changed our original primary voting day of March 6, 2012 to May 29, 2012.

Our next Lee County Republican meeting is on May 1, 2012 (Tuesday night) at 6:00 P.M. at the Giddings Downtown Restaurant. For additional information, please contact Vance Bradford at 542-3882.

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