2012-05-03 / Church

Just a Thought.......

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

Rev.DaveFischer Rev.DaveFischer Say what you will, country songs tell the truth.Tracy Lawrence wrote this one with the help of Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw.

Run your car off the side of the road
Get stuck in a ditch way out in the middle of nowhere
Or get yourself in a bind lose the shirt off your back
Need a floor, need a couch, need a bus fare
You find out who your friends are
Somebody’s gonna drop everything
Run out and crank up the car
Hit the gas, get there fast
Never stop to think ‘what’s in it for me?’ or
‘it’s too far’
They just show on up with their big old heart
You find out who your friends are Yes, you do.
And they are not the 756 names on your facebook list.
Your real friends are the ones who will make the trip to your place of need.

So I close with Roger Miller’s prayer. “Bless my life and grant me one old friend.”

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