2012-04-26 / Police

Lexington Police Report

by Captain Clarence Yarbourgh

April 16, 2012

Cpt. Yarbrough and Officer Sudduth took a walk-in complaint at the Lexington Police Department from a subject stating he was being followed. A report was taken and an investigation was conducted. The alleged person identified to have been following the complainant was contacted and interviewed. It was determined through the investigation there was no malicious act or intent involved and it was merely a coincidence.

Cpt. Yarbrough and Officer Sudduth arrived at the Senior Citizens Center and met with the Girl Scouts. The theme was the Duties and Responsibilities of a Law Enforcement Officer on a Critical Scene. Cpt. Yarbrough answered several questions from the Girl Scouts and provided them with the necessary awareness on how to report, respond to, and handle certain situations. They were informed of the dangers of being a police officer and how intense our training has to be to perform our duties. The Girl Scouts were also informed on why it is important for police to be a part of the community and the safety which is provided through the services of local law enforcement.

April 17, 2012

Cpl. Johnny Wooldridge was presented to City Council and hired as a fulltime officer. Cpl. Wooldridge has been with the Lexington Police Department as a Reserve Officer since 09-27-2011 and has excelled among his peers. Cpl. Wooldridge has been an important asset to this department and has helped with the coverage of shifts during times of shortage. Cpl. Wooldridge will be a great addition to the Lexington Police Department.

April 18, 2012

Cpl. Wooldridge answered a disturbance call in the area 7th St. where the outcome was the issuance of a Criminal Trespass Warning.

Cpt. Yarbrough responded to a call in the area of 9th St. on a complaint of harassment. A subject was walking up and down the roadway yelling and taking pictures of local residents.

April 19, 2012

Officer Nurse issued a Criminal Trespass in the area of 7th St. due to a disturbance which continued from the previous day.

April 20, 2012

Cpt. Yarbrough assisted Chief David Mohr with the execution of an Injury to a Child Arrest Warrant for a white male visiting the Lexington Middle School. The warrant was issued out of Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the suspect was transported to the

Lee County Jail where he was booked on the Injury to a Child Warrant. He will be awaiting trial to determine the outcome of this case.

April 21, 2012

Officer Nurse issued a Criminal Trespass in the area of 6th St. due to a disturbance.

April 22, 2012

Cpl. Wooldridge was dispatched to a 911 call on a personal injury call in the area of 5th St. After a preliminary investigation was conducted, it was determined the injuries were not severe and no medical attention was needed.

Cpl. Wooldridge responded to the area of 9th St. on a noise complaint. The complaint was of an individual coming outside after hours and blowing an air horn during the late night hours. This complaint is still under investigation and will be further investigated due to the malicious attempt to disturb their neighbors.

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