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by Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

Oftentimes overlooked, water safety plays an important role for those choosing to recreate on the public waters of this state. Because the public is in a “recreation” mode, safety items such as life jackets and fire extinguishers etc.can be neglected, especially if they haven’t been inspected since last year’s boating season.

Another facet of the safety inspection is the time in which it takes the boat operator to present all items requested by the officer. It’s not so much that one has all the required equipment as it is to be able to get to it in seconds, not minutes. When an operator knows their craft and equipment, the inspection can last as little as 1 minute. On the other hand, I’ve held a stopwatch on some contacts and hit the stop button after 5 minutes. Please use good judgment when venturing on the water because it can be unforgiving, especially at night.

In other news, people continue to call with questions or complaints regarding feral hog trapping or hunting. Neighboring landowners would be wise to contact each other to relay information on hog movement, methods of taking and especially who, when, and where any hunting activity will take place. Neighbors do not like surprises!

A sample of questions and/or complaints I receive are that of where or how far can neighbors place feeders or traps from fence lines or my neighbor doesn’t have brush or cover on their side so they’ve placed feeders, traps and hunting blinds close to my fence to draw hogs out of my property.

I think the main thing we all need to be on the same page with is, hogs are here to stay and any method, as long as legal, should be utilized to aid in their demise. However, landowners should pool all resources to accomplish this arduous task.

I may be contacted at 979-540-0194 or victor.gonzales@tpwd.state.tx.us.

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