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Rev.DaveFischer Rev.DaveFischer So, I’m driving up to Lexington and I see a familiar scene once again. A cow has thrust her head under the fence desperately reaching for greener grass on the other side. I was impressed this time because she had chosen to go under the lowest strand of barbed wire. Her neck was literally lying on the ground, but she would not give it up. And I wondered, what makes that grass so much more special than the tall field in which she was standing?

Not being a cow, I had no idea. But, being a writer, I thought, We would be insulted if anyone suggested we were no smarter than a bovine, but how often are we guilty of the same behavior?

It begins when we are young, often in the midst of plenty. At Christmas, we open our gifts, glad to get some of the things on our Santa wish list, and then we notice a gift for a sibling. Suddenly our mood changes. Their gift seems better than anything we have and we are not only jealous of their present, we are miserable because we now believe our gifts are worthless.

We do not grow out of it. Countless coffee hours are spent in shared commiseration as we reassure one another that others have it so much better than we do. We depress ourselves wishing that we were not us, but someone else.

Then, the worm turns. We meet someone who obviously does not live in the midst of greener pastures. In fact, a quick glance reveals that they are missing a leg. But, before we can fill with pity, we overhear their comment to a friend.

“Actually, I am really lucky. I never have to buy more than one shoe!”

Of course, it’s a joke, but it is also an indicator. Their attitude lifts them beyond feeling sorry for themselves and into a new perspective. They are not looking for brighter emerald meadows, they are counting the blessings they have.

It is a more pleasant feeling than envy, which, I am told, always comes in the color of green.

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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