2012-04-19 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The Big O Mike Organ The Big O Mike Organ It is a shame the softball playoff streak had to end. 16 years is a pretty good run for any sport. That means Lexington has had some outstanding softball players for a long time. This team had promise, but car wrecks and other things took a toll on the team.

The Eagles are in a must win situation almost every game they play. This district is so balanced, a team can lose 10-0 the first time around and win by the same score the second time. With the exception of Jarrell, any team can win any night.

With the year winding down, just the elite are still tracking, and the baseball team has another week and a half in the regular season plus, hopefully the post season. You would think the youngsters would have a little time off. Not so. They will start lineman challenges and 7-on-7 this week and continue til the end of school.

The Rangers and Astros are off to good starts.

Texas is not playing up to potential in baseball and A&M is ranked very high. The Lady Horns softball team was ranked highly, but have fallen on hard times recently. Could it be there will be another ‘resignation’ at Texas?

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