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Lexington Police Report

by Capitan Clarence Yarbourgh

April 3, 2012

Cpt. Yarbrough and Officer Sudduth took a walk-in report from a citizen at the Lexington Police Department. The citizen was complaining about his weed-eater being stolen. A report was taken and an investigation was conducted. The stolen property was located and returned to the complainant. Upon receiving the property, the complainant advised he did not wish to pursue any criminal charges, but requested the person of interest to be noted as having criminally trespassed on his property.

Cpt. Yarbrough, Officer Nurse, and Officer Sudduth were contacted at the Lexington Police Department by an individual who was turning in a lost wallet. The individual advised the wallet was found on the Peterson’s Grocery parking lot. After checking the wallet for identification and conducting a full inventory of the contents inside the wallet, Cpt. Yarbrough and Officer Nurse were able to positively identify the owner and returned the wallet back to the rightful owner. Upon receipt of the wallet, the owner was grateful and appreciated the efforts in returning his lost property.

Cpt. Yarbrough responded to a found property call in the area of Hale St where a local citizen turned in a lost wallet. The citizen advised the wallet was in their yard and appeared to have been there for some time. After taking custody of the wallet and conducting a full inventory of the contents of the wallet, the owner was located and the wallet was returned back into the custody of the owner. The wallet was inventoried by the owner and all the contents were present.

In the case of both wallets found and turned in to the Police Department, we at the Lexington Police Department are proud to have good people like you in our community.

Officer Nurse took a telephone harassment call in the area of Ave D. The threats were via text message and very alarming. The recipient of the text messages was unsure whether or not to follow through with criminal charges.

April 4, 2012

Cpt. Yarbrough was dispatched to a Burglary of a Habitation in progress in the area of Burns St. Cpt. Yarbrough made contact with the complainant, who advised when he returned home he noticed two juvenile females coming out the back door to his house. Upon further investigation, the two juveniles were located and identified for report purposes. The complainant advised he would conduct an inventory of his residence to determine if anything was missing. The juveniles’ parents were notified of their behavior. The complainant decided not to pursue criminal charges at that time, but if any property was removed without his consent, criminal charges would be pursued.

Officer Nurse assisted Lee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Carvin with locating a vehicle involved in a theft. The vehicle was located and Deputy Carvin was able to make contact with the driver and continue his investigation.

April 5, 2012

Officer Gaskamp was dispatched to a loud music complaint in the area of Ave E. Officer Gaskamp made contact with the violators and instructed them to lower the music due to the multiple complaints. The violators complied, and Officer Gaskamp cleared the call without incident.

While on patrol, Officer Gaskamp noticed a dead hog dumped in one of the bays at the carwash on FM 1624. The hog appeared to have been shot and taken to the carwash and illegally dumped. Officer Gaskamp was able to remove the hog from the bay to a safe area where it could be disposed of at a later time.

Officer Nurse responded to the CEFCO Convenience Store for a minor vehicle accident. Officer Nurse contacted the parties involved, and their information was exchanged, due to the damages sustained during the accident. There were no injuries.

April 6, 2012

Officer Gaskamp responded to a gas drive-off at the CEFCO Convenience Store. The total amount of the drive-off was 12.9 gallons of diesel fuel. The surveillance video is being prepared for review to identify the subject responsible for the gas drive-off. A report was taken and an investigation will be conducted.

Cpl. Wooldridge responded to a theft call at the Lexington Food Mart. It was reported there were several Lottery Scratch Off tickets stolen from the store and redeemed at stores in other towns. The surveillance videos from the stores where the tickets were redeemed are being reviewed.

Cpl. Wooldridge was patrolling S HWY 77 when he drove up on some debris on the roadway, which turned out to be a posthole digger. Cpl. Wooldridge recovered the posthole digger and labeled it as found property. It has been placed in the evidence room for safekeeping.

April 8, 2012

Officer Gaskamp was dispatched to the area of Wells St. regarding a verbal disturbance and telephone harassment call. Officer Gaskamp made contact with both parties and de- escalated the situation. Officer Gaskamp reviewed the texted message and determined there was not enough evidence to support a Telephone Harassment case. Officer Gaskamp then instructed the individual responsible for sending the text message to refrain from sending further messages or criminal charges could and will be filed.

Officer Gaskamp responded to the CEFCO Convenience Store on a suspicious vehicle call. Upon arrival, Officer Gaskamp made contact with the vehicle’s driver and checked the license plate through dispatch. Officer Gaskamp identified the operator of the vehicle and upon completing his field interview, determined there was no concern of immediate danger.

Officer Gaskamp was notified of a reckless driver in a blue 18 wheeler, with an empty flatbed trailer, traveling southbound on S HWY 77 just north of the City of Lexington. Officer Gaskamp traveled southbound on S HWY 77 in an attempt to locate the 18 wheeler, but was unable to locate the vehicle at that time.

Officer Gaskamp was dispatched to the 9000 Blk. of SHWY 77 in reference to a child custody complaint. Officer Gaskamp spoke with all parties involved, and it was determined it was civil in nature and further action would need to be taken before a judge.

Officer Gaskamp responded to an Assault call in the area of the 9000 Blk. of SHWY 77. Officer Gaskamp made contact with all parties involved. Officer Gaskamp was advised of an assault, which occurred by one subject pushing the other to the ground. The victim does wish to pursue criminal charges and further actions could possibly be taken upon the completion of the investigation.

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