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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I read the article about the City Council closed session regarding my absence and I wanted to provide some information to you, hoping you will print it for my fellow citizens in Lexington. A few weeks ago I was on duty in my office and became ill. Capt. Yarbrough drove me home. I had been to the doctor in Lexington earlier in the week and believed I was suffering from the flu, but this was not the case. When I got home, my wife drove me to the hospital in Port Arthur, Texas where I was admitted with a high white blood count and a high temperature. My gall bladder was infected and had ruptured and I was taken into surgery. It was life threatening and immediate steps had to be taken to save my life. I am now at my home recovering and must endure another week and one half of IV antibiotics. All the stitches and one of the drain tubes are out of my side and I am recovering well. Thank God for my recovery. I hope to be back on duty as soon as possible. This is the only reason I am not on duty today. Thanks, and respects from Chief Jerry L. Bowden, Lexington Police Department.

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