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Just a Thought.......

Rev.DaveFischer Rev.DaveFischer My Lexington education continues. No, not at Herk’s breakfast table, but at Snow’s.

Yes, I had been there early on, but arrived late, to be told, “We are already sold out.”

I had never heard of such, so my next visit was earlier in the morning.

This time, I got to eat, and I got to meet a young couple who had driven all the way from Houston, just to sample the goodies.

Still, I had not yet had the total experience. So, I made plans to get there sooner.

Wow! What a difference? The line was, literally, out the door and continued so for the hour I was eating.

Families, motorcycle riders, basketball referees, young and old, they all came, ate and left with sacks full of barbecue.

And I thought, “There are restaurants in San Antonio that would kill for this kind of crowd!”

Not wanting to be rude, I decided to speak a word to the chef before I left. I wandered outside where Tootsie was filling a huge take-out order.

When she paused, I introduced myself. She was delightfully gracious, shaking my hand and recounting how she stopped to help and stayed for a lifetime.

I left with a full tummy and full of appreciation for a job well done and a legend continued.

PS: She learned me. She isn’t a chef, she’s the Pit Master.

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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