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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

March 12, 2012

A home health service called and reported that one of their clients fell and couldn’t get up. She was reporting that she was not injured. Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy Rudolph responded to the call. A family member arrived with a key to the door. The lady was assisted up off the floor and everything was ok.

Deputy Liles responded to a call on Hwy 77 North. A caller reported that someone was mudding on his property and damaged his pasture. A report was taken.

Several motorists reported a male subject standing on the side of the roadway on FM 3403 approx ½ mile off Hwy 77 attempting to flag people down. Deputy Liles located the subject and he advised that he ran out of gas and wanted a ride to Giddings.

March 13, 2012

Sheriff Meyer spoke to a complainant regarding a “For Sale” sign that had been removed from his property on PR 1412 in Giddings.

A caller reported that his children called him at work and told him that someone was riding ATV’s on their property. Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy Rudolph located the subjects on CR F and reported that they were utility service people. Dispatcher made contact to the caller and gave him the information.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a subject requesting a deputy to meet him at the Post Oak Community Center on FM 180 so that he could file a report in reference to 3 subjects trying to jump him on PR 5000. Deputy Rudolph met with the complainant and took a report.

A citizen reported that a truck was parked on the side of the road on CR 201 just off Hwy 290. A male subject was in the bed of the truck and didn’t move when a light was flashed at him. Deputy Ayres and Deputy Liles located the truck. All occupants were identified and released.

March 14, 2012

Deputy Liles and Deputy Ayres searched for a maroon truck that reportedly side swiped a vehicle on Hwy 21.

A caller reported to the Sheriff’s Office that a vehicle had been parked on the side of the road for several days at the Lee/Fayette County line on Hwy 77 South. Deputy Carvin ran the plate and notified DPS to tag the vehicle.

Deputy Ayres attempted to locate a motorist that needed assistance. The insurance company advised the driver was on Hwy 290 between Giddings and Brenham.

March 15, 2012

A motorist reported that a small 4 door car was pulled over on the side of the road with flashers on. Deputy Liles searched FM 112 but the vehicle had already left the scene.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to CR 103 after a resident reported that she located several white culvert sticks thrown in front of her property. The sticks were picked up and taken to the precinct barn.

Enervest Company called and requested a deputy meet them at their office on Hwy 290 East. A male subject called and told them he was going to their office and they wanted a criminal trespass warning issued to him. Capt Gonzales and Deputy Carvin spoke to the complainant who advised that the subject had left the business. Deputy Carvin located the subject in Giddings and issued the citation.

Deputy Crockett spoke to a complainant regarding a stolen riding lawn mower. The complainant knew where the mower was and who took it. No report at this time.

A complainant reported to Deputy Crockett that her ex husband was calling her and leaving her messages on her cell phone. As per their protective order he was violating it. A report was taken.

March 16, 2012

A motorist reported that a man on Hwy 77 South @ TX Hot Oilers was trying to flag down people. Deputy Ayers and Deputy Crockett located the subject who had a flat tire.

Deputy Allen responded to a call in Dime Box. A caller reported that she fell and broke her leg. She had a small child with her and the child was walking away from her.

Deputy Allen responded to a call in Dime Box. A caller reported that she fell and broke her leg. She had a small child with her and the child was walking away from her.

A resident on Highland View Road reported approx 4 or 5 men riding a 4-wheeler and they were drilling holes in utility poles. All of them were wearing blue jeans and t-shirts. Deputy Allen and Deputy Rudolph checked with BBEC and they advised that they did have workers out at the location.

Deputy Allen met with a complainant regarding missing cattle. A report was taken for theft of livestock. Investigation continues on this case.

Deputy Rudolph spoke to a complainant regarding a possible scam. Subject will be taking paper work to the District Attorney’s Office.

Child Protective Services contacted the Sheriff’s Office and asked for assistance in removing two children from a home on CR 208. Deputy Liles and Deputy Ayres stood by as the children were released to their grandparents.

March 17, 2012

A caller reported there was a pickup parked on the side of the road and the driver appeared to be intoxicated. Deputy Liles and Deputy Ayres located the vehicle but no one was around.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Rudolph responded to a call on CR 309. A resident reported that someone had cut his fence and let his horses out. He believed he knew who was responsible. A report was taken and charges have been filed.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Rudolph responded to a theft of gas on PR 2172 in Giddings. Complainant stated that a neighbor gave him the name of a subject that was stealing gas from him. A theft report was made. The suspect was located and issued a citation for theft and possession of narcotic paraphernalia.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Rudolph were dispatched to a disturbance on PR 2172. A caller reported that her son was giving her problems and she requested a deputy respond. Deputies advised that the keys and cell phone were given back to the parents. The parents agreed to let their son stay the night as long as he didn’t cause anymore problems.

A complainant reported that there were people jumping out of the planes at the skydiving center and landing on her property. Deputy Ayres spoke to all parties involved and got a written statement from the reporting person.

March 18, 2012

A caller reported that he works with security with Luminant and he reported that two subjects ran off into the woods. He believed they were attempting to steal some copper off the property. The vehicle description was given and the spot where the fence was cut close to the spools of wire was located. All shifts will be closely patrolling the area.

Two motorists reported cows out on FM 696 E @ CR 406. Deputy Rudolph searched the area but the cows had left the roadway.

Jail Report

Jail Count: 03/18/2012: 55 Males: 46 Females: 9

Good luck to all the contestants at this year’s Junior Livestock Show. Help support the youth of Lee County.


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