2012-03-15 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The Big O Mike Organ The Big O Mike Organ First of all, thanks to Christen Schneider for taking softball pictures while I was announcing. She did an excellent job.

The Eagles can play good baseball if they toss their “rubber gloves” away and get some leather ones that are sticky so the ball stays in the mitt. The pitching and hitting seem to be very good.

The Longhorn teams are becoming average in every sport, despite some of the highest salaried coaches in the nation. Is UT getting the most for their money? Not by a long shot. What is Baylor paying Coach Mulkey compared to what Texas is paying Coach G?

Texas did get an invitation to the NCAA tourney that they may or may not have deserved. The tourney results will tell us.

The track teams had okay performances at Rockdale. As usual, there were some muscle problems as the night got cooler and the athletes did not warm up properly, as instructed. The rest that will be gained during spring break should help the muscles. The Eagle Relays on the 22nd will start giving us a picture of the Eagle track team.

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