2012-03-01 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The Eagles had a fantastic week of basketball. They had two very exciting games that culminated a good season for the young men. If the Eagles had two or three weeks more basketball, they may have been going to the regional tourney. They got better and better the last two weeks.

We haven’t heard much feedback on the Lady Horns dismal record of 6-10 in the Big XII. They probably won’t get invited to any post season tourney unless they buy their way in because they are “TEXAS”.

Rick Barnes doesn’t trust his team. At least that’s what I read this week. Who recruited these players and asked them to play for UT? Do you put your job in the hands of people you don’t trust?

A&M is sinking into the SEC with no basketball zip. I wonder if they will play basketball in five years? Missouri is moving with some zest in their basketball program and they will only be average in the SEC.

Will the Baylor girls win the national championship this year? I hope so, but I don’t think they have the outside game to go with Brittany Griner.

Who will the Cowboys draft in the upcoming NFL talent search? Defensive backs, offensive linemen, or a quarterback?

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