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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

February 20, 2012

Deputy Skinner was dispatched to CR 216 after a caller reported cows out. They were located at the first curve and removed from the roadway.

A caller reported that she woke up and found out her house was on fire on CR 204. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Skinner responded, along with South Lee Fire Dept and Giddings Fire Department.

A motorist reported debris on Hwy 290 East near FM 180. Deputy Carvin located a bag of trash and removed it from the road.

Deputy Ray removed a horse from the road on CR 316. A school bus driver reported them out near the “S” curve.

Deputy York and Deputy Ray spoke to a complainant on CR 201. She reported that someone had stolen copper wire from her air conditioner. A report was taken.

A resident on FM 696 in Lexington requested to speak to a deputy about her husband assaulting her. Deputy York and Deputy Ray took a report.

Several motorists reported a black cow out on FM 180 near FM 1697. A passerby penned it and was going to contact the owner.

A resident on CR 217 called and reported that she heard the door from her garage open and close and her dogs were barking in the back yard. Deputy Allen and Deputy Ayres checked out the residence, but found everything secure.

February 21, 2012

Deputy York was dispatched to cows out on CR 130 in Ledbetter. The cows had cleared the roadway prior to his arrival.

Dispatch received a call from a subject who reported that his neighbor’s dogs chased him and he was trapped in the bed of his truck. He reported that they were aggressive and trying to bite him. Deputy York responded and spoke to the dog owners.

A Little Caesar’s Pizza delivery truck attempted to turn around and got stuck in the ditch. Deputy York stopped traffic on FM 448 while a tow truck pulled out the truck.

A motorist reported that he had a car accident and needed a wrecker on CR 309. Deputy Ayres assisted DPS at the scene.

A caller reported that he had been unable to make contact with his mother for a couple days and was worried about her. Deputy Allen was dispatched to the residence on FM 141, but advised no vehicles were at the house and no one answered the door. She later called the office and reported that she was ok.

A caller reported hearing 3 gunshots in Lincoln. They noticed a car pulling over into a driveway. The vehicle left, heading westbound on Hwy 21. Deputy Ayres and Deputy Allen patrolled the area, but did not locate any vehicles matching the description given. Investigation continues at this time.

Deputy Ayres and Deputy Allen were advised of another caller who reported hearing a loud truck pull up close to their driveway and fired a few rounds. The complainant could hear shouting, and the truck left at a high rate of speed heading towards CR 114. Deputies patrolled the area for several hours searching for the vehicles.

February 22, 2012

A caller reported that she had been following her child’s father around Giddings and he refused to pull over and give her their child back. According to the court documents, he was to return the baby Sunday at 6pm. Deputy Allen located both parties. The child was with the grandmother. The father went to get the child and returned her back to the mother.

Deputy Ray met with a complainant on CR 135. He reported that someone shot holes in his dumpster the night before. A report was taken.

A complainant called and reported that someone had shot holes in a phone box on CR 117. Deputy Ray went to the scene and took photographs and made a report.

Deputy Skinner was dispatched to PR 3071 in Lexington after a caller reported that a woman was walking around in his pasture. She had walked out of the woods and up to their door and seemed disoriented. She left on a motorbike towards CR 307.

A caller reported that his teenage granddaughter was acting crazy. She was running around on the roadway screaming. The complainant was able to get her back into the house, but she would not stop screaming and crying. Deputy Skinner, Deputy Allen and Deputy Ayres responded to the call on FM 180. She was later transported to Austin State Hospital.

February 23, 2012

Chief Deputy Lapham responded to a theft call behind the American Legion. Deputy Rudolph assisted and took a report. Investigation continues at this time.

A resident on CR 117 called and reported that a car had been parked in front of her house for approx 15 minutes. She was unable to get a description of the vehicle because it was dark. Deputy Carvin took the call, but dispatch advised him that the vehicle had left heading towards CR 118. The area was searched.

February 24, 2012

A concerned citizen reported that there were some horses at a residence on CR 233 that appeared to be in very bad shape. She requested that a deputy check on them. Deputy York located the horses and they had food, shelter and water. He will check on them again next week.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to FM 696 East in Lexington after a motorist reported cows out on the road. The cows were run back into a pasture.

A motorist reported a disabled vehicle on Hwy 77 approx 3 miles north of Hwy 21. The caller stated that the vehicle was partially in the roadway and two subjects were standing near the vehicle. Chief Deputy Lapham located the vehicle and a tow truck was dispatched.

A caller reported that her mother was at her house in Dime Box and she believed someone broke in. Deputy York and Deputy Ray met with the complainant and reported everything was ok.

Chief Deputy Lapham spoke to a complainant about pipe that had been stolen from a location. He reported that he knows who took the pipe. The pipe was located and returned to the owner.

A complainant on CR 430 reported that they could hear a child crying outside and they went to check on him. He told them that his mom and sister were throwing rocks at him. The child appeared to be 5 or 6 years of age. A report was taken and investigation continues on this case.

February 25, 2012

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to a disturbance on CR 231. The caller stated that her ex was at her house and he was intoxicated and she wanted him to leave. The subject had already left prior to arrival and everything was ok.

A caller spoke to Deputy York regarding 4 donkeys that were out on the road on CR 412. She stated that she put them in her pasture until the owner was located.

Deputy York spoke to a complainant who called and reported that someone dumped bags of trash in front of his property and he wanted to file a report. The subject called back and reported that he found out it was the commissioner and they would be back later with a trailer to pick them up.

Deputy Carvin assisted with a civil stand by on PR 5000 in Ledbetter. The caller was going to pick up a company truck from a former employee. The vehicle was returned to the owner without incident.

Deputy Ayres assisted Lexington Police Dept at the scene of an accident on Hwy 77.

A complainant reported that his vehicle was broken down in the roadway on Hwy 21 East. Deputy Crockett located the subject and gave him a courtesy ride to a local motel. A wrecker was called to tow the vehicle.

February 26, 2012

A motorist reported a young child, approx 3-4 years old, to be riding her bike down CR 208 without adult supervision. Deputy York searched all the way down CR 208, but did not locate any children.

Deputy Ayres met with a complainant on CR 127 who wanted to report that someone had stolen some pipe from his property.

Hospice called the Sheriff’s Office and reported an unattended death on CR 205. Deputy Ayres was dispatched, along with the Justice of the Peace.

Deputy Crockett met with a complainant regarding a protective order she had against her husband. She advised that he called her and is not supposed to. A report was taken.

A caller advised that her daughter had a flat tire on Hwy 21 in Dime Box and she was alone and requested that a deputy check on her. She was on her way, but would not be there for approx 45 minutes. Deputy Ayres checked on her and she was fine.

Jail Report

Jail Count: 02/26/2012: 51
Males: 42 Females: 6

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