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Local Jobs for Vets

Extreme Composites in Rockdale has been making a major component of Emerald Touch, Inc.’s Integrated Support Exospine (ISE) support device for about 18 months now. However, if Dr. Michael Glenn, the designer of the ISE gets his way, they will expand their manufacturing capacity by opening a small plant in the near future, and employ local veterans at the same time. Why local veterans? Because the ISE is designed for reducing pain and injury to soldiers in the field.

Dr. Glenn said, “The ISE was developed in response to repetitive strain injuries soldiers suffer caused by weight carried on their shoulders and back. This device reduces discomfort and increases performance by transferring the load to the pelvis and legs. I have treated a lot of soldiers through the years, with back and spine injuries, so I decided to design something that would prevent the injuries instead of treat them.”

Some of the locations the company has been looking at to expand their manufacturing capabilities are at the old Walmart and HEB facilities on West Cameron Avenue in Rockdale. Emerald Touch, Inc. was selected last year by the State of Texas as a potential recipient of an Emerging Tech Fund grant; however, the current economic situation has put any hope of getting funding from the State on hold, for the time being.

Dr. Glenn said, “One way or another, part of the IES will be made in Rockdale. It’s just a question of when we get funding. And once we are able to expand our manufacturing capabilities, we truly want to help young veterans in another way. We want to help put them back to work after they return home.”

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