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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

In response to your article “LPGCD to Face Challengers”, I would like to clarify that Environmental Stewardship is challenging the desired future conditions of Groundwater Management Area 12 (GMA-12) of which LPGCD is only one of five groundwater districts. To the contrary, the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District has, from the beginning, tried to manage the District in a manner that would sustain our groundwater resources. Their position has been compromised by the requirement that the GMA desired future conditions must be “physically possible”. The LPGCD had to compromise its position due to the water marketing activities of its neighbor district. The LPGCD is the only district that has followed Texas water law and suspended permitting, by way of a moratorium, until they know how much water is available to be permitted. We hope there is a good turn out of interested citizens from your area.

Steve Box, Executive Director

Environmental Stewardship; http://environmental-stewardship.org/

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