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Video Contest for Local Youth

A woman who lives in Blue has recently created a competition called The Video Showdown for all young people between the ages of 10 and 21 in the state of Texas. Neta Callahan teamed up with a couple of students from Hutto who go to her church and, together, they are trying to recruit creative kids in order to help them have fun and have something to add to their resumes.

“We’re looking for young people to submit a two-minute video(s) that they have made. The videos can be of anything. Hispanic kids can even do them in Spanish,” Callahan said. “The only exception we have is for inappropriate material,” she continued.

Prizes will be awarded at an awards ceremony that will be held at the Howard Theatre in Taylor on June 23, 2012. Callahan would like everyone who submits a video to be present at that event, where many, if not all of the videos, will be shown and winners will be given prizes.

Submissions will be divided by age. “It’s not fair,” Callahan said, “for 10 year old kids to be judged in the same category as 18 year old kids, so there will be separate prizes handed out for each age group.”

A panel of judges will be invited to review the content and talent of each video, and they will be looking for how the video was filmed, how it was edited and how the music score was done, if music is included.

“The videos don’t have to have music, but we are trying to encourage everyone to have some kind of music score in their videos – it can even be all music if they want,” Callahan said.

People wanting to enter the competition can log on to her website, www.thevideoshowdown.com. They can also submit their video, saved to either a DVD or a jump drive, and mail them to The Video Showdown, P O Box 975, Taylor, TX 76574.

There is a charge to enter and submissions are due at least two weeks before the awards ceremony. For more information, contact Neta Callahan at 512-635-4449.

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