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Rev. Dave Fischer Rev. Dave Fischer As I make my way from San Antonio to Lexington, my curiosity is aroused by the names I pass by.

“Woman Hollering Creek” whets my desire for the story behind that designation. So does String Prairie.

Those monikers sent me on a search for the curious and unusual in our state. A quick internet perusal brought these results:

There is an Alligator, Texas, as well as Babylon, Benhur and Boz.

Gamblers get their due in Dicey and Odds. Folks feel better in Happy, Jolly and Joy.

Bucksnort, Ding Dong, Frog and Toad make me want to travel to Ponder to sit and think a while, “Just why those names for those places?”

Women, apparently fare well as there are ever so many locations bearing their memories. Surely, to balance the books, there was once a place called “Forget ‘em All”.

And, in time-honored tradition, the folks near Waco renamed their railroads. Officially, they were known as the Waco, Beaumont, Trinity and Sabine lines. But, due to the results of their travel, they were popularly called Wobbelty, Bobbelty, Turnover and Stop.

Maybe the best is the once-upon-a-time town of Nameless. It was called that because of a disagreement between folks and the Postal Service, which kept rejecting their suggestions until someone finally wrote in frustration, “Well, then, just let us remain nameless. And, in true bureaucratic diplomacy, they did!

Texas . . . . . you gotta love us!

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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