2012-02-16 / General Stories

Outdoor News

by Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

The rains keep coming, and that’s good. In fact, everyone I talk to seems to be in a good mood because of this blessed rain. I know it’s still early in the year, but one can’t help but get excited as springtime awaits us just around the corner. Look at your pets, livestock, fowl and fauna, they’re all happy too. They enjoy the green grass, and perhaps a little too much clover, but nonetheless, they enjoy running and rolling about as much we enjoy taking our shoes off and doing the same.

Before you know it, kids, both young and old, will be telling stories about their fishing adventures at the old fishing hole. And yes, other familiar fishing places, fresh from being filled again with water, will be restocked as the fishing “circle of life” begins once again.

If you like the outdoors such as I, make it a point to take someone who’s never been and watch the excitement as they see how good food tastes under the canopy of oak trees or how quiet the woods are when away from city noises. This “therapy” has sustained me almost all my life and I can sit under a tree for hours just listening. I guess springtime is my favorite time of the year because we all get another chance to revitalize or drink from the fountain of youth. Enjoy your time outside because we all know this is Texas, and the weather’s going to change before we know it.

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