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City Council Holds Productive Meeting

Covers beautification, automation, bucket trucks, upcoming election, and collections

The Lexington City Council held their regular meeting Wednesday, February 8, and made several productive decisions during the assembly. They heard a presentation from a representative of the Texas Masonry Council regarding free services available to the City for help with planning, appearance, and safety. They also learned that many small communities in this area have used these services to help with long term planning and to improve the attractiveness of these communities.

The Council approved the purchase of two hand-held reader devices to help with the City’s reading of both water and electric meters. These new devices, costing approximately $2,640.00, are expected to significantly reduce meter reading and transcription errors, as well as reduce the effort required to read the meters.

The Council also voted to purchase a used bucket truck. The current one does not meet safety requirements, and the new one will not only meet all safety requirements and have a higher reach, but will also accommodate two people at one time. The cost of this new truck is about $24,000, which is already included in this year’s budget. The old truck will be sold at auction.

The Council agreed to set the City Election for Saturday, May 12, 2012. The seats up for election this year will be those of the Mayor and those held by council members Lori Barnikow and William Langehennig. (On a side note, LISD will also hold elections on May 12. Positions held by Phillip Brown and Joe Green will be up for election.)

After hearing a presentation from representatives of Travis County, the Council agreed to use Travis County Constables to collect outstanding fines and warrants. There will be no additional cost to the City for this service, and with some $300,000 currently outstanding, the Council felt this would be a productive way to collect funds that are owed the City.

The Council also agreed to purchase a Bar Code System for the Police Department for identifying and tracking evidence. The cost for this system is expected to be $3,800, which is within the City’s budget.

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