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Just a Thought.......

Rev. Dave Fischer Rev. Dave Fischer When did God’s country become a personal dumping ground for so many? Why will “good old boys”, and others, toss their trash on someone else’s land when, if it happened to them, they would “get a gun” and go looking for the perpetrator? And, who decided that it is not really littering if you put the stuff in the back of your pickup and it just “happens” to blow out?

Whether you walk, or drive, any short trip down our roads reveals a plethora of garbage! And it tells a tale.

Beer cans are probably the number one “nature-disposed” object. Does this mean most folks are ashamed of their drinking? Or, do they somehow believe “out of sight, out of mind”, as in, if the officer doesn’t see the can, I ain’t been drinking!

Fast food artifacts have to run a close second to the alcohol discards. But if you don’t want it in your car, why do you think I would like to have your lunch left-overs on my lawn?

Third, fourth and fifth place might go to almost anything from couches to ‘used’ commodes. All of it is ugly, and all of it requires that someone else do our dirty work, this, in a state where we pride ourselves on being self-reliant. I have no new solutions to this selfish carelessness except a magic wish.

What if, once a year, all of the stuff you threw out the window suddenly came back in? Surely that would raise awareness of our messiness.

It’s just a thought . . . . .

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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