2012-02-09 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Mike Organ Mike Organ The Giants won the Super Bowl. Tom Terrific could not pull off the comeback due to his receivers dropping the football. Tom Coughlin will be the role model for coaching, and Eli Manning will be an elite quarterback for the rest of his career.

It looks as though the Eagles will make the playoffs in basketball with basically the same set of athletes and coach that had so much football success. Having good athletes is the key, just like in years gone by.

The softball ladies should be one of the favorites to advance to the playoffs. They will have to avoid injuries and get over basketball really quickly. District play starts Tuesday, February 28, in Lexington. That is only two weeks away. Coach Hatch is getting good reviews from the players and parents I have talked with.

Coach Muhl will begin training the track athletes soon. The Lexington track teams will begin competition on Friday, March 3rd in Rockdale.

Using Google map figures, Lexington fans will travel 759 miles, minimum, to watch the Eagles play in the next two years. That is just one-way. You might want to come home, so double that total to over 1,500 miles. We may have to have a fundraiser just for fuel if the prices keep rising!!

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