2012-02-02 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

January 23, 2012

A caller reported that somebody was knocking down mailboxes and road signs on Oakwood Drive. Deputy York took the information.

Deputy Ray conducted traffic control on FM 141 in Dime Box when an oversized eighteen wheeler slipped off the road.

All deputies were informed of a suspicious vehicle on CR 213 going around people’s houses asking for scrap metal.

Dispatch received a loud noise complaint on CR 231. Deputy Crockett advised the subjects to turn down the music.

January 24, 2012

Chief Deputy Lapham conducted a welfare check on a subject on CR 331; the gate was locked and no vehicles were around.

A suspicious vehicle was called in around CR 419; Deputy Ray, Captain Gonzales, and Chief Deputy Lapham located the vehicle. All was ok.

Deputy Crockett responded to a break in on CR 329. It was a family member and a criminal trespass warning was issued; no charges were pressed.

A motorist reported a mattress on the road on Hwy 77 just north of CR 114; Deputy Ayers removed the mattress from the highway.

January 25, 2012

Deputy Ayers and Deputy Allen removed a cow from the road on CR 216.

A caller advised of a suspicious vehicle in her driveway in the Country Club area. Deputy Ayers and Deputy Allen where unable to locate the vehicle.

Deputy Rudolph, Deputy Ray and Chief Deputy Lapham responded to several tornado calls on CR 226 and CR 217.

Deputy York assisted a complainant on CR 226 when a tree landed on her house.

All deputies were advised that there were trees down all over the county and the commissioners were also notified. Commissioners removed them.

A home lost its roof on PR 1339. Deputy Liles went to assist the family; everybody was ok and were safe from the storm.

A caller reported a small blue pickup in her neighbor’s driveway, taking pictures. Deputy Ray was dispatched but was unable to locate the vehicle.

Deputy Liles assisted with traffic control, while a citizen was getting his calf back into his fence.

Dispatch received a 911 hang up call from a residence on PR 6003; Deputy Crockett and Deputy Skinner were unable to make contact with anyone on the property.

Deputy Carvin, Chief Deputy Lapham, and Sheriff Meyer all assisted with the rescue of 14 people off an oil rig on FM 1624 in Lexington.

Several motorists advised of a horse out on CR 226, but Deputy Ayers and Deputy Allen were unable to locate it.

Dispatch received a call about a stabbing on CR 125. Deputy Ayers, Deputy Skinner, and Deputy Allen all responded to the scene. The victim left the scene prior to the arrival of the deputies.

A caller advised of a one vehicle accident on Hwy 77 near CR 405. Deputy Crockett checked the area but was unable to locate any accident in the area.

January 26, 2012

A motorist reported a cow out on CR 216 near FM 448. Deputy Ayers found the cow already put up in its pasture.

Deputy Rudolph responded to a fight at the Dime Box School and a report was taken.

Deputy Liles took a report for a burglary of a building on CR 307.

A caller reported hearing gun fire on PR 5000. Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin checked the area. One of the neighbors was shooting at some hogs on the back of his property.

January 27, 2012

Deputy Carvin was unable to locate a cow reported out on FM 180 near CR 133.

Deputy Ray assisted Trooper Manner on a one car accident on FM 180 about half a mile from Hwy 290.

A caller reported an abandoned vehicle on CR 309; Deputy Ray was dispatched to check it out.

Dispatch received multiple calls about a couple of cows out on FM 696 west of Lexington. Deputy Ray ran the cows off the road and the owner was notified.

There was a disturbance at the basketball game in Dime Box. Deputy Crockett was dispatched; all was ok.

A cow was reported out on CR 204. Deputy Ayers and Deputy Allen were unable to locate it.

Two cows were reported out on CR 405. Deputy Crockett was unable to locate them.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Ayers were unable to locate a woman reportedly walking in the road on Hwy 290 just west of the Rodeo Arena.

A caller reported a suspicious person parked on Hwy 290. Deputies Ayers, Allen and Crockett checked on the person. The vehicle had run out of gas.

Dispatch received a call about some gunfire on CR 233. Deputy Crockett was dispatched. Deputy Crockett spoke with the subject and found all ok; they were hunting.

Deputy Ayers and Deputy Allen assisted a motorist on Hwy 21 near West Yegua Creek.

January 28, 2012

Deputy Ray and Deputy York checked on a burglary on Deer Wood Drive.

Deputy Ray and Deputy York assisted a resident on Hale Street in Lexington with a trespassing issue.

A motorist reported two black cows out on FM 180 near CR 127. Deputy York and Deputy Ray were unable to locate them.

Dispatch received a burglar alarm at CR 208. Deputy York, Deputy Ray, and Deputy Ayers responded and found all was ok.

A caller stated that somebody was stealing from her. Deputy Ayers and Deputy Ray responded.

Deputy York and Deputy Ayers completed a welfare check on a subject on FM 448 and an ambulance was dispatched.

Deputy York took information for a possible sexual assault.

A cow was run off the roadway by Deputy Ayers on CR 205.

Three criminal trespass warnings were issued on some subjects by Deputy Crockett and Deputy Ayers for trespassing on PR 1161.

Deputy Allen assisted a motorist on CR 220.

January 29, 2012

A cow was reported out near CR 207 and CR 208. Deputy Crockett was unable to locate the animal.

Deputy Allen checked on a vehicle in the ditch off of FM 1697 near Nails Creek.

A caller stated that he heard some gunshots at the West Wood Villa Apartments. Deputy Crockett and Deputy Ayers did not hear any shots or see anything out of place.

Jail Count:

54 01/29/2012 Males: 48 Females: 6

Calls are still being received by the Sheriff’s Office for cattle on roadway. Just a reminder, it is the landowners’ responsibility to keep their cattle off the roadways.


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