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Storm Brings Needed Rain With Unwanted Consequences

St. John Lutheran Church’s gym was destroyed last Wednesday as straight line winds ripped the roof off of it. St. John Lutheran Church’s gym was destroyed last Wednesday as straight line winds ripped the roof off of it. Much needed rains came last Wednesday morning, bringing with it some unwanted consequences. At least three rescue operations happened in Lexington, as a result of rising waters, and the gym at St. John Lutheran Church in Lincoln was destroyed. Schools started late, roads were closed and dozens of trees were uprooted and/ or severely damaged in the storm that brought gusty winds exceeding 70 mph (one man estimated that the winds in Lincoln were over 100 mph). Several possible tornados were suspected and reported to the Lee County Sheriff ’s 911 dispatch, and at least one mobile home was completely destroyed by the winds while four of its occupants were reportedly inside.

Pastor Dale Bohm of St. John Lutheran Church in Lincoln reported that their gym, which was used for sports activites for the church’s private Christian school, was a total loss. Most of the roof was ripped off the building and insulation, as well as tin and wood debris, was thrown across the road and into a large pond about 250 yards from the church.

Members of St. John are disappointed, but everyone will tell you they are grateful that the storm hit in the early morning hours when no one was there.

Pastor Bohm said, “While our gym is a complete loss, we’ll build again as soon as we’ve reviewed our needs. Even though this is a tough reality, it could have been worse. Buildings can be replaced. People can’t.”

In other storm caused destruction, high winds sent a mobile home in the Serbin area rolling across a field with four of its occupants inside. The event occurred at about 6:15 Wednesday morning, and left one woman with a serious cut to one of her wrists after being thrown into a window. The other three family members, including an infant boy, suffered bumps and bruises, but no other significant injuries. The mobile home was a complete loss.

One of the awnings on the Insurance Network of Texas building, located at Hwy. 77 and Hwy. 290, was ripped off and the Stuermer’s Store in Ledbetter, along with the Ledbetter Fireman’s Hall, also suffered damage.

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