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Personnel Cuts at LISD May be Imminent

During a public meeting on Monday, January 30, 2012, the Lexington ISD Board of Trustees reviewed the impending budget cuts in state and federal allocations for the 2012-2013 school year. The district successfully met its budget reduction goal for 2011- 2012 by taking a serious look at efficiencies across the district and offering an early notification of resignation incentive. Currently, LISD is operating with nine and a half less positions than the year before, with an enrollment increase of twenty four students.

In a report to the trustees, Dr. Frances McArthur, LISD Superintendent stated, “Unfortunately, this year’s early notification of resignation incentive did not go as well as last year. We had only three staff members notify us of their intent to resign this coming June.”

LISD will lose up to $353,332 this coming year, due to the reduction of federal EduJobs money and further cuts from the state. As a result, LISD will be forced to make additional reductions and look at ways for increasing the revenue coming in.

“ The addition of transfer students this past year paid for one teacher and we know that Lexington is the district of choice for many in the area” Dr. McArthur said. “Unfortunately, with close to ninety percent of the school district budget going to personnel costs, reductions of this magnitude inevitably affect people. While every dollar we save in supplies, materials and travel helps, it just isn’t enough to cover the drastic shortfall of state dollars.”

Dr. McArthur went on to let trustees know that LISD administrators have had to face the painful realization that personnel cuts may have to be made for next year.

With the information presented in mind, Lexington ISD trustees determined enrollment decline in certain areas may warrant programmatic changes that will require a reduction in force resulting in the nonrenewal of one or more contract employees at the end of the current contract year.

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