2012-02-02 / Community News

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Mike Organ Mike Organ Well the Super Bowl is finally here. Who do you expect to win? I am picking the Patriots, although the Giants have the best defense and are on a roll right now.

The Eagles basketball chances are getting better with each outing. The district is closely bunched, except for Jarrell, and any team can win at any time. The home court is not as much an advantage as the “home referees”. It is fun to go to the games and listen to our fans gripe about the officiating on the road and then hear what the visiting fans say when they play in Lexington. It all balances out.

The UIL could deal us some misery, or they could put us in a sweetheart district. Coach Holcomb said he is having trouble finding teams that will play Lexington. It probably has something to do with coaches not wanting to lose. The coaches don’t want to lose and hurt their record, or like Giddings said, they have everything to lose and nothing to win except the game. Plus, Lexington doesn’t have a freshman team and Giddings would have to find a team for their freshmen. We will all find out, by Friday, who the Eagles will play the next two years.

The Lady Eagle softball team had nine starters coming back from last year. That number is now down to six, due to injuries sustained in auto accidents and torn ACL in basketball. I hope Coach Hatch can get into the season, and through it, without any other problems.

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