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Just a Thought.......

Rev. Dave Fischer Rev. Dave Fischer Recently, while taking my walk (which includes a long section of country road) a friend stopped his pickup, in the middle of the lane, for a visit.

Like all good Texans, we leaned on the bed of the truck and talked. In a few minutes, another vehicle came down the road. Slowly, he eased to a stop and rolled down his window for a question.

“Do you all need a ride, or are you just talking?”

“Just talking,” responded my friend, calling his neighbor by name.

“ Okay,” the driver said, and carefully maneuvered his way around us to continue his trip to town.

We finished our conversation and moved on, but the incident hung in my mind.

“How different that moment would have been,” I thought, “if it had happened in the city.”

The driver would not have known us, nor we him. His comments would most likely have been anything but friendly and there would not have been an inquiry about our need for help. Most likely he would have been honking his horn for some distance to get us out of the way before he slowed down just enough to curse our presence in his precious path.

Suddenly, I was glad that I lived in the country, if only for a few days a week. It rests my spirit and refreshes my faith before I return to the urban jungle.

It also raises a question, “When did more people living together become an excuse for less common decency?”

It’s just a thought, but it haunts me even now.

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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