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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

January 16, 2012

A complainant reported a welfare concern on a female that appeared to be out of it. She seemed to be on drugs and could not even stand up. She has two small children and was worried for their safety. Deputy Rudolph met with the parties involved and called CPS. The investigation continues at this time.

Deputy Liles met with a complainant on CR 113 regarding some money that was missing from his house. A report was taken.

A caller reported that someone had entered her residence without her permission and several items were missing. Deputy Rudolph investigated and a report was taken.

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call at a business on CR 200. Deputy Skinner was dispatched to the scene. The key holder was on scene but entered the wrong pass code.

A concerned motorist reported that an elderly female was walking down the road near the intersection of CR 223 & CR 224. Deputy Carvin located the subject and she was fine. She was just out for a walk.

January 17, 2012

A motorist reported that a white van was driving on Hwy 290 Westbound from Ledbetter and was weaving all over the roadway. Deputy Carvin located the van and checked the driver who was fine. He stated that he was having problems with the van.

January 18, 2012

Deputy Ray was dispatched to Hwy 290 West near CR 201 after a caller reported that a vehicle pulled off the road and got stuck in the mud. A wrecker was attempting to pull the vehicle out and Deputy Ray assisted with traffic control.

A motorist reported several cows out on CR 130 approx 1 mile off FM 180. Deputy Liles located the cattle and reported that a gate had been left open and the cows got out. He ran them back through the gate and secured it.

A complainant reported that a blue Cougar was parked in the ditch in front of her parent’s house on CR 326. The vehicle was unoccupied and the door was partially open. Deputy Liles checked out the vehicle and found the owner. He advised that the owner was on scene and reported that the vehicle was having problems.

Deputy Liles spoke to Dime Box School employee who wanted to notify the Sheriff’s Office that a criminal trespass warning was filed last year on a female who was on the school property. They did not want to file any charges at this time. They only wanted it noted that she had been there. A report was taken.

A complainant spoke to Sheriff Meyer and Chief Deputy Lapham regarding an on- going investigation. A report was taken.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a resident that lives behind the Giddings High School on CR 114. She advised that during lunch break several vehicles were driving very fast and passing other vehicles. Deputies will be closely patrolling near the high school during lunch break.

A caller reported a suspicious vehicle on CR 113 near FM 2440. The vehicle was described as a newer white Chevrolet car. Deputy Ray patrolled the area but the vehicle had left the area.

Deputy York was dispatched to FM 141 near CR 117 to run cattle off the roadway.

A resident on CR 113 called and reported that the back door to his residence was open. Deputy Crockett responded and checked the residence and found everything to be okay.

January 19, 2012

A caller reported seeing a truck and tractor at Maass Butane on FM 448 that was loading a tank. The vehicle was pulling out of the gate as Deputy Crockett arrived and the license plates were noted in case there were any problems.

Deputy Crockett met with a complainant at the Sheriff’s Office. She believed that she was being stalked by her ex-husband and she was afraid. Deputy Crockett followed her home and patrolled the area for a while.

January 20, 2012

A motorist reported that he struck a hog on FM 696 near FM 619. Deputy Rudolph worked the accident.

Several motorists reported a black calf out on Hwy 21 near CR 426. Deputy Liles was dispatched and ran the calf off the roadway.

Fayette County called the Sheriff’s Office and requested assistance in locating a gravel truck that was last seen on FM 1291 in their county. The driver of the truck assaulted another driver and fled the scene. Trooper Oppermann located the truck on Hwy 290 in Giddings and waited for Fayette County to meet him at the scene.

Deputy Liles spoke to a complainant that lives on Hwy 21. Subject stated that there was a donkey on his property that does not belong to him. The deputy is attempting to locate the owner at this time.

Captain Gonzales and Deputy Liles assisted Brenham Police Department with attempting warrant service on a parole violator.

A complainant called and reported that there was a flatbed truck parked in a driveway on FM 448. Captain Gonzales checked the area but reported that the vehicle had left the scene.

Deputy Liles was dispatched to a residence on Hwy 77 North in Lexington after a caller reported that someone had broken in. A report was taken and investigation continues at this time.

A caller reported that a solid black calf was found on CR 426. It weighs approx 70 lbs and has a white ear tag that has “Lot #162” on it. Deputy Rudolph is attempting to locate the owner.

January 21, 2012

Deputy Carvin assisted Trooper Manner at the scene of an accident on Hwy 77 approx 3 miles north of Lexington.

A complainant spoke to Deputy Skinner about an incident that occurred on PR 5016. He advised that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend followed them to her house and a fight ensued. A criminal trespass warning was issued to the exboyfriend.

Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to Hwy 290 East after several motorists reported cows out on the road. The cattle ran back into a pasture.

A caller reported that she had been unable to make contact with a friend that lives in Lincoln. She had tried to call him repeatedly for several days and was worried because he had been ill. The caller did not know his address. Deputy Skinner checked the only address our agency had for the individual, but there was no house on the property and the neighbors did not know him.

Giddings Police requested the Sheriff’s Office’s assistance at a residence on Main Street. One male subject was involved in an altercation and was said to be armed with a knife. Deputy Carvin assisted.

A caller reported that two male subjects were outside of the bowling alley physically fighting. Both subjects went back inside and one was bleeding. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Skinner spoke to both subjects involved and a report was taken.

January 22, 2012

Deputy Skinner was dispatched to CR 216 after a motorist reported a black cow out at the first curve off FM 448.

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin met with a complainant on PR 1271 in Ledbetter. Subject claimed that his girlfriend’s brother had beaten him up. No charges were filed and all subjects were separated for the night.

A motorist reported that he was involved in a rollover wreck on CR 309 approx 1 mile north of CR 322. The female occupant was complaining of shoulder pain and was transported to a hospital. The driver left the scene prior to the Trooper’s arrival.

A motorist reported that he was behind a vehicle on Hwy 290 West that had been swerving. He lost control and spun around and ended up in the ditch. The caller stated that the driver appeared very intoxicated and walked away from the vehicle into a pasture. Deputy Carvin stood by until Trooper Weiser arrived at the scene.

Deputy Rudolph responded to a fire on CR 133. A caller reported hearing what sounded like an explosion and looked out and saw that the house that was on fire yesterday was on fire again. Giddings Fire Department was dispatched.

Deputy Liles assisted with a civil standby at a residence on CR 127 in Ledbetter. Subject was involved in an altercation and needed to get his vehicle.

Jail Count:

January 22, 2012 49 Males: 42 Females: 7

On Wednesday February 1st, 2012 7:00 P.M. a Neighborhood Watch meeting will be held at Giddings Country Club for interested persons living in the Country Club Area. Report suspicious activity as it takes place.


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