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Grandma’s Brag

  Jewell and Jayden Glover Children of Michael and Racheal Glover of Lexington Grandchildren of Papa and Nana of Lexington |align=left|width=245|height=250|link=node]  More...

Sleepless In The Bahamas

Believe it or not, the Bahamas are not warm in December. Okay, if you compared it to say, Michigan, Maine or Montana in December, the Bahamas would be downright toasty. More...

Community Advisory Panel To Alcoa Rockdale Operations

Discussion at CAPARO Meeting Focuses on Closure of Two Potlines

The Community Advisory Panel to Alcoa (Rockdale Operations) met just after Alcoa released news that 2 of the 6 idled potlines at Rockdale Operations would be among the aluminum company’s recently announced cost-cutting measures. More...

From the Chef’s Corner

Shrimp and Corn Bisque

When I was a kid, I didn’t even know what a shrimp was. My dad was a farmer in Killeen, Texas. We ate what we harvested and, other than chicken and fish that we raised, it was not to be had. More...


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Home Country

The Club didn’t last long.  It wasn’t the dues, which were nothing. It wasn’t being worried about being elected recording secretary or something if you missed a meeting. More...

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