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Lexington JV Floor Florence

by Mark Strain

Eagle JVer Cameron Janda was the better “tipper” at the opening of the Florence game. 
PHOTOBY MARKSTRAIN. Eagle JVer Cameron Janda was the better “tipper” at the opening of the Florence game. PHOTOBY MARKSTRAIN. The Lexington JV Boys tipped off in the old gym, hosting the JV boys from Florence. From the moment of the tip off won by Lexington’s #42 Cameron Janda, to the last shot of the game, Lexington controlled all aspects of the game. The game was very fast paced, looking more like varsity then JV.

The Eagles racked up 12 quick points before allowing Florence their first score of the night. By the end of the first period Lexington led 15-4.

In the second period, Lexington was allowed to double their score, thanks to some nice shots, like a 3 point score from # 22 Nate Holcomb. Florence added 6 more to make the half time score 30-10, Lexington.

The start of the third had Florence rattle off a quick 3 points before Lexington answered. #42 Cameron Janda and #32 London Jacob both were able to anticipate the Florence pass and seemed to be able to steal the ball, at will.

Both teams were able to add 10 to their scores, to make the end of the 3rd period 40-20, Lexington. In the final period, Lexington started the scoring and ran 6 up before Florence hit.

Towards the end of the period, the Florence Coach began to protest that the possession clock was not being changed appropriately and that there was an unfair advantage for Lexington. The referees blew it off to a losing coach, until the Florence Coach complained long enough and loud enough that he drew a technical foul.

Lexington sent # 22 Nate Holcomb to the line and he swished both shots.

The end of the game was played under protest by Florence, and played by the rest of the Lexington bench. The game was won by the Lexington JV Eagles 48-27.

As a side note, once the possession clock fiasco was pointed out, it did appear that, when Florence got the possession, if you waited about 5 seconds, the clock would jump the possession “dot” back over to Lexington. It was a nice win for the JV boys, but we do want to make sure that the game is always equitable.

Scoring for the Lexington JV was: 2 by #24 Marcus Cassassa; 5 each by #12 Corey Strain and #22 Nate Holcomb; 9 by #11 Jamyon Scott; 13 from # 42 Cameron Janda and 14 points from #32 London Jacob.

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