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Commissioners Review Bids

At the Lee County Commissioners regular meeting held Monday, the Court opened the bids received for a new roof for the Museum. The bids ranged from $5,994 for an asphalt roof, to $20,900 for a metal roof. The Court accepted all the bids and sent them to a review committee, who will make recommendations at the next meeting.

The Court also opened the bids for the structural repair to the Balcony in the Courthouse. There were six bids ranging from $173,306 to $897,190. These bids were accepted and referred to a review committee, who will make recommendations to the Court.

The funding for these repairs are partially covered by a state grant and the County’s portion, 33%, is already included in this year’s budget.

The Court also approved the proposed Community Plan for the Coordination of Criminal Justice and Related Activities. This is a jointly drawn up plan required by the State to be reviewed and reapproved every three years. Unless this is approved, several County agencies would be prohibited from receiving various grants as these become available.

The Court also received another draft of the Floodplain map for Lee County from FEMA. The County is working with a FEMA contractor to properly notate the map and correct any obvious errors before presenting the map for public viewing and comments. This is expected to be sometime in the spring.

The Court also appointed Delynn Peschke to the CAPCOG Planning Council for working on the Geographic Information System for the area.

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