2012-01-26 / Community News

Outdoor News

By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

This past weekend I worked Lake Somerville and was encouraged by some of the success several anglers had during their excursion. I saw catfish, white bass and hybrid bass in several coolers. Bass fishermen fished their local holes and picked up a few black bass, but nothing to brag about.

Even though Rocky Creek Park has the only boat ramp open, anglers displayed patience and courtesy to fellow anglers. Unfortunately, come this spring/ summer, if low water conditions prevail, we’ll need a traffic monitor to maintain law and order. The road leading to the ramp is one way in, one way out. Mix that with sightseeing vehicle traffic, boat launch and pickup, there’s not much room to negotiate turns, as well as parking. We’ll get though it though, if everyone demonstrates diligence and ethical behavior.

This Saturday the 28th, Lee County will once again play host to an ever growing predator contest being held in Lexington. Contestants will have 24 hours to see how many predators and/or fur-bearing animals they can add to their team’s total before Sunday’s check in. This contest is catching on real quickly and seems to be sparking an interest in the almost forgotten art of calling coyotes and such. While modern technology may give the edge to hunters who utilize an assortment of specialized equipment, predators still depend on their instincts, which means they can survive just by doing what comes natural.

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