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Just a Thought.......

Rev. Dave Fischer Rev. Dave Fischer One twilight evening I was driving back to Kerrville from San Antonio. The sky was a beautiful swirl of clouds and color. Purples and pinks began their reign over the horizon as the sun slipped slowly away.

In a sudden burst of realization, I said to my traveling companion. “Do you notice how gently God is putting away the day?”

And I thought of children everywhere, busy at their play, happy in a day they did not want to ever end. And I mused about a loving God who did not snatch their joy away, but slowly, carefully, tucked it in, so that it disappeared in easy stages.Truly, the Good Book was right to call Him a loving parent.

There was no rush to bedtime. No harsh words. Just a wrapping of arms around a now-tired son or daughter. A kiss. A hug. A tuck. A touch.

Such gentle moments lead to deep sleep with good dreams and much hope for another day. And, did you notice? God wakes the day in the same manner. Slowly, He breaks the dark. Gently, He sounds the silence. Birds and wind and warmth greet us in His name. It is we who have divided His hours into segments that demand harsh alarms and the heavy sounds of buses and trucks.

And then we complain about the stresses of life. Sometimes we even pray God to take them away, as if He had created them in the first place.

We forget that the world marches to the beat of a different drummer until the sun sets, or the sun rises, and we are there to actually feel that better rhythm and remember what we have done to ourselves, and our children, in the name of progress.

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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