2012-01-19 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Did the NFL playoffs come out like everyone thought? I don’t really think, but three of the games came out as expected. New Orleans and Green Bay were expected to win, as were New England and Baltimore. The two teams with the best offense and worst defense will be watching the playoffs from their living rooms just like the rest of us. The old saying; “offense wins games, defense wins championships”, may come true. If so, Baltimore appears to be the only team that ‘features’ defense.

Coach Mack may have lost his star recruit to an injury in an allstar game. Case McCoy is reportedly going to one of the other 119 Division I schools to play quarterback. Mack may see his empire crumble due to some poor decisions and the lack of total commitment to the team by today’s players. Personal ego and the lack of playing time gets in the way of their NFL goals. Football playing time is just like everything else. If McCoy goes somewhere else to play, he pushes some other young man out of a starting position. He moves to another school and the same thing happens over and over. If a student-athlete makes a commitment, why can’t they stick with their choice? This isn’t just happening at Texas, but at every college in the land on some scale.

Did you realize that softball ‘spring training’ starts this Friday, January 20th? The playoffs have a new obstacle, the STAAR Tests that will be given during the week

“ No travel is allowed in association with the Regional Quarterfinals until at least the end of the school day Friday, May 11”. No high school travel or games can be scheduled during the week of the STAAR testing. Workouts could last longer than the games!!!!!!

Now that Albert Pujols has gotten $124,000,000 to play ball for 10 years, what will some of the others ask for? They are not in the same baseball class as Pujols, but dollar wise they think they are. What is happening to our values? Most kids and their parents cannot afford the price of a ticket to go to the games. The pros will eventually price themselves out of the sport.

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