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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I attended the January meeting of the Lexington City Council. I was there to deliver a message in regards to the conduct of council members and staff in the council chamber during the November 2011 city council meeting to which I was invited to attend.

I was met at that council meeting with hostility by certain council members and staff instead of the common courtesy found in most city council meetings. City Council members and employees must conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner that is above reproach.

I came to explain my views on what happened in the November meeting. To emphasize my point, I listed State laws in the Corruption section of the Penal Code that were violated and the criminal charges that Reveille could bring, as well as Civil Statutes where one would seek relief and damages. Regardless of who would win, these are serious charges that the city would have to defend at a considerable cost to its citizens.

Although the Mayor, City Attorney and most of the council clearly understood me, Councilperson Barnikow decided to laugh, ridicule me and then proceeded to slander our company in front of a packed house.

Not to be outdone, disrupting a public meeting, a city employee then chose to interrupt the council after they had moved to the next agenda item. I wonder why the city would tolerate this type of behavior.

This type of “official” behavior must stop.

Sincerely, Jeff Sullivan, President, Reveille Broadband

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