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A few words about Security...
By William Loven , General Manager

There are about 160,000 water utilities in the United States. Of those, only 2% are as large as or larger than Aqua Water Supply Corporation. But we all share something in common: All water utilities in the United States have serious concerns about vulnerability and security. The water & wastewater utility sector has been identified by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as one of 16 critical infrastructures that must be protected as part of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. It is recognized, however, that water utilities are vulnerable, and rural water suppliers are particularly vulnerable. Aqua is constantly reassessing the security of our facilities and we make investments for security upgrades every year. However, it is impractical, or it would be extraordinarily expensive, to provide something like perfect security for all Aqua water facilities. That’s why we rely on the community and our members to help us protect the Aqua water system.

All vehicles entering, leaving, or parked at Aqua facilities should have Aqua logos on their sides. Any visiting vehicles’ visitors will be accompanied by Aqua vehicles and personnel. The only exception to this policy is our chlorine supplier, Altivia, who uses logoed large jib-crane trucks to deliver our chlorine cylinders.

If you see vehicles without Aqua logos entering, leaving or parked at any Aqua facility, please call Aqua immediately at 512-303- 3943. Aqua can immediately determine whether there is an intruder and take appropriate action.

Another measure of security is that all Aqua personnel also have logoed ID badges displaying their first and last names. In addition, all Field personnel wear logoed shirts displaying their first names. Should any Aqua personnel come to your door, feel free to request their identification. When in doubt, call 512-303-3943 and Aqua can verify the identity or identities of all Aqua personnel on or near your property.

The security of our community water systems is of paramount importance to all community stakeholders. We need to be on guard for potential acts of vandalism. We also need to be especially vigilant for deliberate acts with malicious intent. Only by working together can we continue to provide safe and inexpensive water for our entire community.

Let me know your thoughts by sending your replies to: Bill@aquawsc.com [mailto:Bill@aquawsc.com].

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