2012-01-12 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Lexington lost a great lady and someone I called a friend. We worked together for many years as senior sponsors and in graduation planning, in addition to all the sports. She was always a pleasure to work with and her effervescent personality made life much more enjoyable. Thanks, Candace.

RG3 will turn pro. He has had a season-ending injury and knows it can happen in an instant. If a career- ending injury were to happen in the NFL next year, he could recover with a few million dollars in the bank. If it were to happen at Baylor, he could read a few million get well cards.

The Cowboys laid down again, just like the last few years. I think it is a character problem within the organization.

The Texans are doing great with an inexperienced quarterback and humongus defensive injuries. The system works, just plug in the players.

Will Tebow Time make it all the way to the Super Bowl?

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