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Half Time Update and 2 Wins for the Eagle JV!

by Mark Strain

JV Lady Eagle Jorden Kelley JV Lady Eagle Jorden Kelley With the new officiating numbers, the way it is supposed to work is that one JV team plays, then the officials of that game will go officiate the next JV game, while a fresh set of three officials come in and start officiating the first Varsity game. The way it happened in Lago Vista, however, was, while the Lady JV teams were playing in one gym, two of the new three officials showed up and started calling the JV boys game in a different gym. Soooooo our story takes place at Half Time with Lexington JV Boys trailing 19-10.

In the second half, Lexington started to rally and out scored Lago in the third 9-5, to make the score at the end of the third period 24-19 Lago JV.

In the fourth period, with 3:02 left, #11 Jamyon Scott hit a nice 3 pointer. Lago answered with a 3 of their own, but the score had been narrowed to 27-26 with Lago still in the lead.

The ball went back and forth until, finally, #12 Corey Strain drove the lane and popped for 2 to give Lexington the lead 28-27 with 38 seconds left. Lago inbounded the ball and drove the distance only to miss the shot. #12 Strain was quickly fouled by Lago to stop the clock. Shooting a 1 and 1, the shot was missed and Logo grabbed the ball and drove the distance only to miss again.

Strain was fouled again and wenttoshoota1and1. Theshot was missed and Lago grabbed the rebound, drove the distance and missed again, only to have the buzzer sound and end the game with a Lexington JV win 28-27.

The Eagles were excited! They lined up to shake hands; Coach Williams gathered his stuff and started to line up when the two referees broke from a huddle and announced they were putting 2 seconds back on the clock.

A jubilant Lago crowd rocked the gym. A few stunned Lexington fans could not believe it. The Lago Vista JV was allowed to inbound the ball under their own basket. They kicked the ball out deep to their three point shooter. He took aim and let it fly only to have it hit the rim and fall short.

Lexington JV won AGAIN!!!!!!

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