2012-01-05 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Texas A&M and Texas won their bowl games. Neither was that impressive in the wins. It appeared for a while A&M was going to give up the lead in the second half, but they righted the ship and sealed the win. Texas is proud that David Ash was named the MVP of the Holiday Bowl. Why? is what I want to know. He did not do anything but manage the game. I think Case McCoy is a winner; Ash is a great athlete. McCoy was 14-1 his senior year in high school; Ash was 5-6.

The Lady Eagles are beginning to play some decent basketball at times. They must get consistent and win the games they are supposed to win and surprise one of the top teams if they are to make the playoffs.

The Eagles show great athleticism on the court, but are not completely transferring that athletic ability into basketball ability yet. Once they get in stride, they will be tough to beat. Coach Holcomb may have another postseason to enjoy.

Did you enjoy the Alamo Bowl between Baylor and Washington? 67-56 is not a football score, unless you are playing six-man football! Both defensive coordinators should have been fired immediately after the game. Washington did - two days later!!!!!

Robert Griffin, III did not have the best stats in the bowl game, but his team won by 11. That is what the game is about.

I am sitting here writing this, watching the Cowboys stink up their chances of making the playoffs. The Texans are in the playoffs, but are far from healthy.

Who will win the Super Bowl? Will it be Green Bay, again? New Orleans or the Patriots?

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