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Just a Thought.......

Rev. Dave Fischer Rev. Dave Fischer I rise in defense of the breakfast table at Herks. Yes, I know. You have heard that it is just a bunch of old men, with too much time on their hands, sitting around telling tall tales.

Even if that were all it is, I, an inveterate story-teller, would still find it delightful. However, over the weeks of my time in Lexington, I have discovered that those conversations are much, much more.

Much of what is shared in those early morning hours is actually an oral history of Lexington and the surrounding area.

For instance, did you know that the early rural mail carriers used a special horse-drawn wagon called a “weg”?

Are you aware of how Dime Box got its name? And do you understand that our early settlers were living out the American Dream of coming to a land where you were what you could accomplish?

Yes, some would call this trivia. But a closer listen reveals that these are the intimate details of the foundations of our lives today.

I realize anew that the fatal flaw of the younger generation (of which I was once a member) is that they believe that nothing important happened until they showed up.

That fairy tale is simply not true. And I have been reminded of that fact again as I have had the privilege of hearing how it used to be . . . . . so that we could be . . . . . all that we are today.

Most likely, no high-priced professor of history will ever bring his recorder to that table. But, it is his loss.

For me, I am glad that I get to hear the real stories of yesterday before the voices who can remember them are gone. And I am sorry that one day someone will say about those recountings, “Gee, I wish we had written them down.”

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